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What to expect...step by step:

  1. Consultations (by phone or email)

    During the consultation, expect to spend approx. 15 minutes with your organizer (if via phone). This time is used for introductions, to gain information about the space you want organized, and to schedule your next step to getting organized.

  2. Organizing Proposal (personal visit)

    During an organizing proposal, expect to spend approximately 2 hours with your organizer. This time is used to create a customized plan to help you accomplish your organizing goals. Your customized plan will include a thorough assessment and strategy for the space you want organized.

  3. Organizing Session (personal visit)

    During an organizing session, expect to work as a team with your organizer to learn and apply organizing techniques in order to accomplish your organizing goals. Sessions are usually scheduled in 4 hour increments (accommodations can be made if you need a different length of time).

  4. Maintenance Follow-up (phone)

    During a maintenance follow-up, expect to spend approximately 30 minutes with your organizer (via phone). Your organizer will contact you approximately 30 days after your organizing session is complete. This time is used to: re-assess your organizing habits, re-assess your system(s), and determine if any modifications need to be made in order to maintain control and peace of mind in the spaces you spend your precious time. Additional weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly maintenance plans can be customized for you at a reduced rate. (Steps 1-3 must precede maintenance follow-up)

* Steps 1-4 are completed on a space by space (room by room) basis.

Places and spaces we service...C.H.A.O.S.:

Organized Spaces Collage


  • Administrative Office Organizing
  • Ministry Organizing (structure for leading ministries in excellence) {coming soon}


  • Kitchen
  • Bed, Bath, & Family rooms
  • Closet
  • Home Office



  • Small Business Organizing
  • Electronic and paper information management


  • Filing
  • Storage
  • Tracking (checklists, log sheets, etc.)

Communities we serve:

Greater Sacramento Area including: Antelope, Carmichael, Citrus Heights, El Dorado Hills, Elk Grove, Fair Oaks, Folsom, Gold River, Granite Bay, Mather, Orangevale, Rancho Cordova, Roseville.

If you do not see your area listed OR you are beyond this service area AND you would still like our help, please contact us.


"I now have a kitchen that I am proud of. In the past, I would have to show someone visiting where to find items. Now they can find them without my assistance." - Grandmother who host holiday dinners for family of 23